We understand that it can be stressful going to a new church, so we hope the
following information might be helpful for you:


BRAZIL LAKE… is a group of people that are like family. They are passionate about some things, yet relaxed and interested in living life together. For this reason, we have a lot of “potlucks” and meals together, we have intentional open space at the back of our meeting room to greet and talk together, and there is usually FREE Coffee available somewhere! People attend our church because they want to so, at BRAZIL LAKE you’ll find people who have been following Jesus for years, people who have been following him for just a little while, and people who aren’t sure what they believe yet. You will find new music… and you will find old. We are made up of people from all ages, people from all over the place, people who learning, people who struggle and people who are broken. Wherever you are on your journey, our goal is to help you feel welcome and at home here.


Most people who attend BRAZIL LAKE dress in casual attire, though some dress a little nicer. We are more concerned that you feel welcomed and encouraged you to not worry about what you wear. We invite you to come as you are and dress how you feel comfortable & you’ll fit right in!



We have a pretty big parking lot, and we try and keep spaces open close to the door for people that need close parking or are visiting, so feel free to find a spot that is convenient for you! It is almost impossible to miss our front doors right up the ramp and there is a welcome center just inside the door with people to help you find your way.


I’m interested, where do I start?
A. The best way is just to come out to a gathering, see what we’re all about, and get to know some people. If you’ve got questions, there is always lots of people that would be happy to help! (and the Pastor love to meet new people and answer questions)

Q. Are you going to ask me for money?
A. Nope! But we do pass a plate…. We believe in giving at our church and this is what supports BRAZIL LAKE, but this is just a convenient way for our regular guys to do that. We would never ask people who are undecided about following Jesus to give in any way.

Q. What if I don’t believe the same as you and I just want to check it out?
A. We would love to have you! BRAZIL LAKE has a bit of a theme statement: COME AND SEE. We believe the best way to check out a place is step in, and ask some questions. You’re warmly welcomed to come and observe and (if you want to) participate. You’ll find others here who are doing the same thing.

Q. Are you guys an old church?
A. Well sort of: we have a rich history that we appreciate, and but are trying to chase after what we believe GOD wants for today, so that we will also be relivant tomorrow! So you will find “old elements” mixed with new; new technology mixed some very “traditional elements”. Our pastor is passionate about making us think about what we are doing, and why we are doing it.

Q. How do I get my questions about God, Jesus, and the Bible answered?
A. You’re welcome to come out to a worship gathering any time or just sit down with one of the staff sometime to talk. You can contact the office to set up an appointment. We also run Alpha. Alpha is a great, pressure-free environment that gives you a chance to explore those questions.

Q. Why do you do all this ?
A. We believe that we were created to have a relationship with our creator, that Jesus is the hope of the world, and we want to help people discover that relationship and that hope.

Q. Why all the singing?
A. Followers of Jesus have been singing together for centuries. We consider singing together about Jesus an act of worshiping him. It might seem weird, and it’s totally fine if you choose not to participate in this (or any part) of our time together.  The lyrics are always projected on the screen, so if you’d like to sing or just follow along you’re welcome to!

Q. I already go to a church, should I come here instead?
A. If you currently attend a solid Bible-believing church, our recommendation is that you stay there and help it become the best it can be. We believe in churches working together and our greatest concern is that you have a solid church Home whether it is with us or someone else.


Q. I’m new to the area…. Is there a way I can get connected at BRAZIL LAKE?
A. Sure, the church is one of the best ways to get to know your community! We are made up of business men and neighbors that live in the country right around us! It is the perfect place to find out what is going on, and what the yarmouth area has to offer!

Q. Are you connected to a particular denomination?
A. Yes. We’re a member of the Atlantic District of the Wesleyan Church. If you want more information on them please check out the “about us tab” and there are links to all kinds of info!


What’s the technical theological terminology for what kind of church you are?
A. We’re protestant, evangelical and theologically Wesleyan with roots in traditional Methodism.