Kevin grew up in the Maritimes and has been in and around church most of his life. He has been a youth pastor and
a church planter and in 2015 became our pastor here in BRAZIL LAKE. He married a Grand Manan girl in university (Laura) and adopted their son Elijah in 2008 as a baby. Many Sundays he ends up talking about peanut butter somehow???? and he loves to build just about anything, but what he is passionate about: is making faith make sense in daily life. He loves to connect with people of all ages, to invest into his leaders, and to get on your level and have real conversations about GOD and LIFE. In his spare time you will find him in his shop, or with family and friends doing board games of all sorts.

Natalie’s call to ministry came at 40 and being a true bookworm, she hasn’t stopped studying yet! Her passion is for people (young and old) to know and grow in Jesus. She started at Brazil Lake Wesleyan in July 2018 and is excited about the ministry she is doing whether with the kids or adults. She has a special place in her heart for kids to know Christ and develop a life-long relationship with Him. Natalie is married to her high school sweetheart, Rollie and they have three daughters. In her downtime, you will find her either cooking for her family and friends or buried in a pile of books with tea and chocolate!


Our mission and vision:

VISION: (the why)
We exist to introduce people to JESUS … and help them grow in their faith.
MISSION: (the How)
Connect . Grow . Go

We believe in the power of first impressions, and that it needs to be our passion to connect with our neighborhood, our community and our world…. And find common ground on which we can build. We believe that it is our responsibility to create a fertile environment for the people we connect with, to grow and mature in their faith and become who God created them to be. We believe that the growth process requires action and direction: that everyone has a role to play and something to give, as we aim for maturity. Going into our neighborhood, community and world is the natural and logical response to who GOD created us to be. (purpose)